February 15, 2008


Brave New Rapids
With NOARS Crew @ Pekalen River, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia

February 9, 2008
It is my first time to go White Water Rafting at Probolinggo, East Java with NOARS Crew. Around six people went with us.

From the NOARS base camp to the Pekalen River it takes around 15-20 minutes by car. The walk to the river took another ten to fifteen minutes.

I was pretty excited about going rafting. My boyfriend noticed my nervousness the second I woke up.
I became even More nervous when I saw the river.

We just sat on the ground waiting for the boats to arrive with our guides.
My friends and my boyfriend laughed at me.
After a few minutes in the boat, I was wet!
I was just fine. No longer nervous and no longer scared.

I think there were around seven waterfalls during the twelve kilometer journey. The river water moved fast, so we finished in two to three hours.

While rafting… we stopped and took some photos of the waterfalls and each other. We even saw some monkeys and bats.I can't wait to go White water rafting again.

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