October 07, 2008

The Rest Of My Journey To California, USA

our car while we at USA

One of the light house that i seen at California, USA

Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe and Small Island in the middle

On the Way @ High Way 1

The fire that on the other side of the road

Rock State Park

This place is another place to see the elephant seal, beside elephant seals you will find a lots of SQUIRREL

The Vista Point
along the High Way 1

Sunset at Pasific Ocean

Stenson Beach

You will never find this sign in Indonesia!

Point Lobos

Ano Nuevo Island

Before you enter the park to see the Elephants Seal, you will see this two signs.

The 2 Elephant seals fight. Look at the size of their Body. They even bigger and heavier than you.
by the way this 2 Elephant seals are MALE !

They were sunbathing and that also for changing their fur.

This is the path and the view at Ano Nuevo

September 24, 2008


JUNE 2008

August 14, 2008

Bodie National State Park

June 14, 2008

Bodie is an area that gold was discovered in 1859, by W.S Bodey. The mines produced gold value more than 100 million dollars.

But now in these days, I think there’s no more gold in that area.

For me, went to the Bodie California State Park is one, just like going back to the past. Actually Bodie is really big town in the past. Because of the fire, half of the town got burned. Almost all the houses, building, church made from wood.

When the town got burned, and there’s no gold anymore, the people are moved to another place, they left their thing left behind. Just like this one of this store.

There’s also the car that they used that time, even though not all of the people use car in that time. I think most of them still use the horses.

This is one of the building, it was a bank

August 04, 2008

Ellery Lake

There's snow in June (stil)



July 22, 2008


Few days after we arrived in the United States, we drove from Los Angles to Yosemite.

Yosemite National PARK

Yosemite is National Park. The main reason we went there is climbing, the most famous is El Capitan, but they are numerous other great walls that offer spectacular routes.

To reach Yosemite, you first you have go thru Wawona tunnel, and then you will see the famous El Capitan, guarding the rest of the valley.


Yosemite’s road goes right thru the center of the valley. Both sides of the orad have cliff towering thousands of feet above the car.


Yosemite have the some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.



The second day at Yosemite, we climbed. It was my first time crack climbing. Also my first time climbing with no bolts, no hangers, just cams, and nuts. It was also my first time climbing multi-pitch routes. A fun seven pitch 5.8 named “After Seven. “

The weather was hot, but also breezy, a really nice and welcomed breeze! No shade, not humidity, not sweat, just a sunburn!

You can see this great view from pitches number 3.

After we climbed “After Seven” we did the first pitch of “After Six.” One thing I remember while we tried to climb is our rope is not long enough from the ground to the belayer and back to the ground.

The next day, we went to another cliff, still at Yosemite. This time we went near to Lower Yosemite Falls to climb “Jam Crack.”

This two pitch route has one pitch of 5.6 and one pitch of 5.9 crack climbing. A nice place to learn and practice handjamming.

The climbs Yosemite are traditional climbs, this means they are no bolts, the lead climber must place cams, nuts, and Friends.

After climbing Jam Crack, we enjoyed a big lunch of Nachos.

Yosemite Wildlife
The Blue bird or Stellar Jay