August 20, 2009

Once In A Life Time

June 6' 2009, Its the day that I change my status from Single to married. I Marry my boyfriend Emmanuel Lacoste. That day we are promised that we will share our life together in happiness and sadness, healthy and sickness.

Start at 09.30 am we (My mom, My Niece, my niece boyfriend, and Me) are ready to go to the Bridal Salon to get ready for the wedding day, they done my hair, my make up and dress.
when they make me up it took around 1 hour . And I do look different. And they agree about it. and 1 of them said "It just because she never wear make up (like that)".

Ernita with make up
The Hair Do

pose with the dress

in the changing room

~Waiting for the ceremony.~

mom and dad

pose with my own camera

Pose with My niece and her boyferiend

While I'm waiting the groom phone called
looks like mom "almost" crying

talking with the groom on the phone trying to figure it out where is he right now

~At Church~
waiting in the car until 2 pm, while the guest are coming and waiting for the ceremony. Every Indonesian guest said that the ceremony is very fast its only took 1 hour.

wedding rings

the groom and best man talking with pastor, while waiting for the bride

walking tothe groom with my dad

Wedding Kiss

Photo with pastor, mom, dad, dean and Marcela Hester

With all the female friends from SIS

With all Male friends from SIS

With all friends from SIS

Photo with Chris Moran from SIS

The Bride and the Groom In the car

~At majapahit Hotel~
We got at Majapahit Hotel around 3 pm and then we took a lots of Beautiful garden photos at Majapahit. I can say that is one of my dream come true.

~The Party~
At 6 pm there is a small dinner party (small in my parents dictionary for a wedding party) end up with 7 tables with 10 people every table.
Even tough it just small party, we still have a really really Fun and Nice.

~The Wedding Cake~

Making fun with the video camera

with my sister and her husband (in white & blue); My nephew and his girlfriend (in dark blue & red dress), and with my mom friend and her daughter (in black dress)

February 20, 2009

Another Trip White Water Rafting

Pekalen River~Probolinggo~East Java~Indonesia
Feb 7' 2009