February 19, 2008

Mud Area

Or we called it LAPINDO MUD

Location: After Express Way to Porong, Sidoarjo, East Java., Indonesia
This photo taken on December 15, 2007, this problem happened since May 27, 2006. And it looks like the mud still comes up.
As what we see from the pictures (above and right) there’s 600 hectares area. Before when we drove to Malang, we could take the Express Way directly to Malang. But now we have to go out at Porong Express Way to bypass this mud area.

(Left) It’s the picture of the mud and heavy vehicle

December 15, 2007 is first time for my boyfriend and me went and took a short tour at this area. It was very interesting.
The villagers who live in the area have decided to use the opportunity to make some money. They conduct tours of main area that the mud comes up. It’s only Rp. 30,000/person by motorcycle. They also offered to sell us a DVD about the MUD Rp. 40,000. We even had to pay when we use the stairs!
Well …at least while we are there we can get to know what happen to the villagers, their home, and we also got nice photos.

(Right) It’s the picture of the Dry Mud after more than 1 year. We took this picture because the dry mud make good pattern.

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