July 21, 2008

San Francisco

My First Trip


United State of America

June 7' 2008

It was my first trip to USA. Our Flight was June 7' 2008 at 6 pm we left from Surabaya, Indonesia to USA.

Along the way we stopped in Singapore and spend six hours sleeping in the Transit hotel at Changi Airport, Singapore. The rooms are small, but comfortable and convenient.

Our next flight was at 7.15 am, June 8' 2008 to Japan. It's around an 8 hours flight. And we stopped in Japan for 2 hours layover.

It was nice to stopped at Narita International Airport of Japan. During that time we decided to have sushi for lunch. For me Sushi is my Favorite Japanese food. But there's a lot of different between Japanese Restaurant in Indonesia and in Japan. I never tasted sushi is around 1,328 Yen.

From Japan at around 6 pm and it took another 8 hours or maybe 9 hours to San Fransisco.

After the long flight, we arrived at San Francisco around 12 pm. But our trip wasn't finished. We had to fly to Burbank. our next flight to Burbank was at 4 pm. we had 3 hours waiting for our next flight. So we walked around the food court and got some coffee. It's my first time to come to the State i kind of enjoyed the atmosphere. After an hour waiting we went to the waiting room for our next flight, The flight was delayed till 6 pm.

Once again, that is not my only first trip to USA, but also my first time sleep at the Airport.

Enjoyed Coffee at San Francisco Airport

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