May 01, 2008


April 18-20’ 2008

I went to Bali with all the swim team for IISAC Tournament.The main reason I went to Bali is to have a vacation in 3 days weekends. We are at Sanur Area, and stayed at Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel. It was really hot there, not like in Surabaya. My Boyfriend told me that I don’t need to go with the team and stay with the team all day. He said that I stay at the hotel, relax, and enjoy my vacation, do some shopping and so on. But then I decided that I will go with the team. Not much fun! But I have my camera, so what I do there is just be a photographer, shoot a lot of photos (specially swimming photos). Well it was not easy takes swimming photo, but I got what I want.

1 of our swimmer do backstroke style.
(I like the Splash!)With Nikon D70

1 of our swimmer does butterfly style.
With Nikon D70

The Starts!
With Nikon D70

On the way we’re going to the school swimming pool and the way back to the hotel, I found something that I thought it will nice if I took a photo of it.

Balinese Door

With Nikon D70

Shoot some of nice photos Almost the time for us leaving Bali on Sunday afternoon, While we’re waiting for the bus who pick us up to the Airport, My boyfriend and me talk a short walk in our hotel. And shoot some of nice photos, the hotel have very nice long pool, garden and also the view!

Bali Statue @ the Hotel
With Nikon D70

Garden @ the hotel

with Nikon D70

The path

With Nikon D70

Swimming Pool

With Nikon D70

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