January 30, 2009

Surowiti Climbing

January 25, 2009

Last Sunday, it's the first time at Surowiti cliff 10 people climbed., they are Maman, Erwin, Rosit, Ringgo, Coco, Dodik, Mengo, Eman, Me and 1 person from Sleme's Climbing Wall.
These time some of them try our new route such "Anas", "Double V", "Breadfruit", "Kuma Paws" and "Big Mac Direct".
All of the routes its pretty hard route, BUT 2 route is around 5.11 or even 5.12.

Maman Climbing "Kuma Paws"

Erwin climbing "Breadfruit"
Dodik Climbing "Big Mac Direct"

Mengo Climbing "Big Mac Direct"

Ringgo Climbing "Breadfruit"

Rosit Climbing "Kuma Paws"

Rosit and Mengo

Eman Climbing & Kliping " Kuma Paws"

Even for a professional Climber have to grab the quickdraw.
(it's really a hard route)

One of Sleme's student at Big Climbing Wall, Climbing "Breadfruit"
Coco And Ringgo
Man in Blue

And while we climbing Our Dog Kuma just enjoy his life.

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